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we're weak


we're stronger


No one understands our risks better than we do, let's reclaim our hospitality insurance 

Become our Insurance Partner

African Insurance Collective

Let's insure ourselves together


As a collective, we have the power to implement solutions and protect Africa’s wildlife, her people and our industry

We are joining forces with fellow industry leaders to insure ourselves. In the spirit of #StrongerTogether, we have collectively tailored an insurance solution that will deliver when we need it most.

Become our insurance partner today with African Insurance Collective and join the movement for unity, integrity, and collectivity in hospitality insurance

We proudly bring together expertise in global insurance, local travel and regional technology solutions

We have done extensive research on the best solutions around risk financing, mechanisms, and options

A Cell Captive is the best way forward to increase our ability to thrive while protecting our establishments

Join us. We cannot do it without you.

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