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Together we own our own cell captive

Image by Joshua Earle

No one understands our risks better than we do, let's reclaim our hospitality insurance 

Are you ready to do something different and follow a collective path to success?  





 Insurance For The People, By The People

Today’s risk environment is continually evolving. The challenges we face are more diverse than ever before. Insurance policies are among the largest commercial contracts many of us enter into. Their size and complexity alone mean that they demand regular scrutiny to ensure that cover is specifically tailored to our needs, “fit for purpose” and good value. 

Insurance goes far beyond protecting and supporting our businesses in crisis. The right business insurance cover will act as a strategic enabler to pursue growth and as a Cell Captive, will also allow us to maintain a sense of ownership.


It is essential that together we have the right advisors who can negotiate insurance coverage that will pay out when we have a large or complex claim.

It is why as a collective we can go so much #FurtherTogether than apart.

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We as travel lodge owners with the same interests, control the insurance company and our own insurance cell captive

We ‘own’ the insurance result/profits, in terms of underwriting, pricing, and administration.

We centralises the risk management function in group structures that allows us to share the risk within our group.


We reduce the cost of our conventional insurance policies that make a difference over time.

We directly access local and international insurance and reinsurance markets.

We select investment instruments that enhance our returns and increases our capacity.


We determine more accurate cost of risk which allows us to have more budget certainty.


We customise our insurance programme to respond to our specific risk exposures.


We create the appropriate vehicle to deal with our uninsured or uninsurable risks.



Join us and let's go #FurtherTogether as we follow our journey to independence 

Collect all our information

Analyse the best price structure for us all

Shop around to compare 

Collect any additional info

Submit a proposal to you







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Become an Insurance Partner

African Insurance Collective

Let's insure ourselves together

Willis Towers Watson 

Willis South Africa - FSP: 267, Registration No 1997/0204/6907

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